Young Alsatian Girl

Title: Young Alsatian Girl
Paper: Kraft sheet, 70 x 70 cm
Created: April 2014

The final model is 20 cm high.

Folded for the MFPP 2014 competition. My first attempt at designing a box-pleated model. The nice layers in the apron and sleeves came as a surprise as I experimented. The decorations of the bust too.
The headdress took several days to refine, especially the knot in the middle, for which I had to extend the paper from the sides.

The traditional Alsatian costume (France) is composed of a long dress, with an apron, and an impressive headdress. Details vary according to the era, religion and regional tastes. This model represents a young protestant Alsatian girl of the 19th century, recognizable by the length of the headdress and the slightly shorter skirt.

Origami Alsatian Girl

Crease Pattern

In: The Fold (Origami USA)
Published: April 2016


Crease Pattern

In: Le Pli #134
Published: November 2014

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