A Mermaid’s Meal

Title: A Mermaid’s Meal
Paper: 45 x 20 cm kraft paper
Created: April 2015

A Mermaid’s Meal can refer to the empty sea shells next to the siren, but in mythology, mermaids eat unfortunate humans. Guess who she is waving at?

Folded for the MFPP 2015 exhibition in La Rochelle. The interesting part in the design of this model is the combination of box-pleating (bust), and the snake-scale pattern (tail). I had to use a set of tricks to get both to fit together since the two techniques do not scale to the same width once collapsed. It was very fun to design!

A Mermaid's Meal

Crease Pattern

In: Le Pli #138
Published: November 2015

Pli138-Couverture-212x300Capture d’écran 2016-05-17 à 00.35.18