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bib: Gamifying Static Analysis

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Title: Zelda
Paper: 33 x 123 cm kraft paper
Created: June 2018

Princess Zelda from the Zelda video-game series. With the triforce! The original model may look simple, but all of the little details and ornaments make it really difficult to re-design. I simplified a lot of them.



Title: Link
Paper: 33 x 115 cm kraft paper
Created: June 2018

Link from the Zelda video-game series. Complete with the Master Sword and the Hylian Shield. I tried to put as much details as possible, with the sword harness and belt pouch, but I still had to simplify the model quite a lot, especially around the collar, belt, and without the details of the shield.



Title: Lady
Paper: 33 x 83 cm kraft paper
Created: May 2018

Folded in the train back from Origami Deutschland 2018. I used the other half of the kraft paper used for the Ballerina. Dimensions: 33 x 83 cm.

The dress design is a mashup of a few Victorian era dresses. Not historically accurate!



Title: Ballerina
Paper: 33 x 83 cm kraft paper
Created: May 2018

Inspiration came back at Origami Deutschland 2018! I wanted to fold something and somehow, the ballerina came to mind in the morning. In the evening, the model was complete.

The original paper is a 33 x 83 cm kraft paper that was kindly given to me by one of the paper sellers at the convention. They were using it to pack the paper that they actually sold!

The paper was shorter than I wanted, so I had to keep the arms straight, or else, they would be too short. Ballerinas usually wear their hair in a chignon, but I needed to hide the back so… flowing hair 🙂

The blue background is some amazing paper from John Gerard!


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Paper Heroes Exhibition

Convention Exhibition
Event: Paper Heroes (Tel-Aviv, Israel).
Date: October – December 2017

The Jaffa Museum in Tel-Aviv hosted an origami exhibition on the theme of Paper Heroes. I submitted my Pied Piper and a model I created for the occasion: My Little Hero.

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