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Paper Heroes Exhibition

Convention Exhibition
Event: Paper Heroes (Tel-Aviv, Israel).
Date: October – December 2017

The Jaffa Museum in Tel-Aviv hosted an origami exhibition on the theme of Paper Heroes. I submitted my Pied Piper and a model I created for the occasion: My Little Hero.

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Title: Goldfish
Paper: 21 x 8.7 cm printer paper (this is the paper that is left from an A4 after you cut out a square).
Created: December 2017

Back to basics for the last model of the year!



In: CDO 2018 Convention Book
Published: 2018


Title: Sadako
Paper: A sheet of 25 x 80 cm of sketch paper (Sadako and screen) and a sheet of 14 x 26 cm of black paper (screen frame).
Created: August 2017

Not Sadako Sasaki!

Folded from a sheet of 25 x 80 cm of sketch paper (Sadako and white part of the screen) and a sheet of 14 x 26 cm of black paper (screen frame).

The model is designed to handle color changes, but the white paper is very transparent, and didn’t show as white as I wanted for the body and arms. So, only the hair part is actually double-sided. The rest of the paper is uni-colored.
I like that the transparency of the white paper makes the screen grayish though!



My Little Hero or My Mother, my Heroine

Title: My Little Hero or My Mother, my Heroine
Paper: 33 x 363 cm uncut sheet of sketch paper
Created: August 2017

When thinking of the people who inspire me the most, my parents immediately come to mind before anyone else. From a mother who is her son’s heroine, to the son who is his mother’s world, everyone can be a hero.

Folded for the Paper Heroes exhibition 2017.


My Little Hero or My Mother, my Heroine


Convention for Creators Exhibition

Convention Exhibition
Event: Convention for Creators (Lyon, France).
Date: July 2017

The Conference for Creators in Lyon was a great few days. I met many talented creators from all over the world, and I could finally put faces on the famous names I had heard about. The exhibition was spectacular. For space reasons, each creator was limited to 3 models. My contributions were a doe head, a winged heart, and Jar Jar Binks!

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