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Origami Deutschland 2016 Creation Contest

Theme: Fairy Tales
Entry: 13 Tales
Event: Origami Deutschland Convention 2016 (Erkner, Germany) (link 1, link 2)
Results: First place
Date: May 2016

After last year’s Bride, I had been wanting to explore human figures with box-pleating. When I heard the theme of this year’s contest, I immediately jumped on the occasion to create human figures that are defined by their clothes before all. The idea of the book came from my mother, who wanted the tales to come to life from the book. I love the idea!

Origami Deutschland 2015 Creation Contest

Theme: Wedding
Entry: Bride
Event: Origami Deutschland Convention 2015 (Bonn, Germany)
Results: Second place
Date: May 2015

This contest was the occasion to work on assymetric models. I had the skirt motive in my unfinished origami box for a while, and that was the occasion to use it. Once grafted to the bust, it creates a very nice pattern. The bouquet was quite difficult to make, with each rose being less than half a centimeter in diameter!


MFPP 2015 creation contest

Theme: The Sea
Entry: A Mermaid’s Meal
Event: Rencontres de Mai 2015 (La Rochelle, France)
Link: Here
Date: May 2015

A few years ago, I folded a mermaid in two pieces (bust and tail), and the main problem was to associate the two, since the paper widths required by the box-pleated bust and snake scales tail were very different. This competition was the perfect opportunity to come back to that problem and find out how to solve it. I am pretty happy of how it turned out!

A Mermaid's Meal

8th JOAS Origami Model Competition

Theme: No theme
Entry: Quetzalcoatl
Event: 20th Origami Tanteidan Convention
Results: Here

This was both my entry for the “Evolution” contest and the free themed contest. I originally wanted to make a winged snake, but it turned like how I imagined Quetzalcoatl. I liked the idea of using one large rectangle and twisting it to form the body instead of collapsing a base, like traditional origami. The downside is that the model needs a metal frame to hold it up, but it looks very nice to me!


MFPP 2014 Creation Contest

Theme: Alsace
Entry: Young Alsatian Girl
Event: MFPP convention, Colmar, 2014
Results: First place and audience award
Date: May 2014

This model was the second complex box-pleating model I ever folded, and my first box-pleated creation. Right after folding Obelisk’s Hatsune Miku, I heard about the Alsace-themed context, and felt I could adapt the model to fit the theme. I ended up changing the model completely, but kept a few details like the fingers, head, and the 40 x 40 squares base. The hardest part to design was the headdress. I like how it turned out!