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Paper Heroes Exhibition

Convention Exhibition
Event: Paper Heroes (Tel-Aviv, Israel).
Date: October – December 2017

The Jaffa Museum in Tel-Aviv hosted an origami exhibition on the theme of Paper Heroes. I submitted my Pied Piper and a model I created for the occasion: My Little Hero.

Convention for Creators Exhibition

Convention Exhibition
Event: Convention for Creators (Lyon, France).
Date: July 2017

The Conference for Creators in Lyon was a great few days. I met many talented creators from all over the world, and I could finally put faces on the famous names I had heard about. The exhibition was spectacular. For space reasons, each creator was limited to 3 models. My contributions were a doe head, a winged heart, and Jar Jar Binks!

Origami USA Annual Convention 2016

Convention Exhibition
Event: Origami USA Annual Convention 2016
Date: June 2016

The 2016 convention of Origami USA took place in New York. Attending it was a last minute decision and it was worth it! It was a much bigger convention than the European ones, with a very different organization as well. An experience to have!

For the exhibition, I presented my Fairy Tales series, with a few other, more recent models.

Photo by Robert J. Lang, hosted by Origami USA


28th International Origami Convention

Convention Exhibition
Event: Origami Deutschland 28th International Origami Convention (Erkner, Germany) (link 1, link 2)
Date: May 2016

I exposed some of my models at the German Origami convention 2016. Space was scarce but it was worth it! For once, I had prepared proper tags for the models.

Origami Deutschland 28th convention - Exhibition

Star Wars Origami Exhibition

Star Wars Exhibition
Event: Star Wars origami exhibition 2015 (Zaragoza, Spain)
Date: December 2015

When I proposed to participate in the Star Wars exhibition, Joel suggested I fold a Queen Amidala or Padme. Nope, I wanted to do Jar Jar Binks so I did it! I am very happy to have been given the opportunity to participate in this exhibition.

Jar Jar Binks

Ultimate Origami Convention Lyon 2015

Convention Exhibition
Event: Lyon Ultimate Origami Convention 2015 (Lyon, France)
Date: October 2015

The first convention I ever exhibited at. I only had a few models, and gave most of them away, since I didn’t have enough space in my luggage to bring everything back!


Model-Making Event 2014

Exhibition and origami workshop at a train model-making event
Event: Exposition de modélisme et bourse d’échange 2014 (Samoëns, France)
Date: May 2014

I had both an exhibition and a workshop at this model-making event organized by a friend in Savoie, that counted 3000 visitors. It was very different from the rest of the event, and was a nice touch for the children and families who were accompanying their modelist friends. I never stopped folding during the three days of the event. So many people came to learn a few models!