Origami is an art which consists in folding paper without cutting or gluing it, in order to obtain various forms, ranging from the traditional crane to extremely complex models.
This page references my activity in the origami community, and lists some of my creations, along with diagrams and crease patterns, when available.

Talks / moderation

2019, Germany, Filmfestival Mathematik Informatik 2019


2018, Germany, 30th International Origami Convention
2017, Israel, Paper Heroes
2017, France, Convention for Creators
2016, USA, Origami USA Annual Convention
2016, Germany, 28th International Origami Convention
2016, Spain, Star Wars Origami Exhibition
2015, France, Ultimate Origami Convention
2014, France, Model-Making Event


2016, Germany, Origami Deutschland Creation Contest – 1st place
2015, Germany, Origami Deutschland Creation Contest – 2nd place
2015, France, MFPP Creation Contest
2014, Japan, 8th JOAS Origami Model Competition – 3rd place
2014, France, MFPP Creation Contest – 1st place and audience award

Models with available diagrams

Models with available crease patterns

Other models