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Automated benchmark management

ABM (automated benchmark management) is a methodology and a web application for automating the creation and maintenance of benchmark suites.

When empirically testing one’s tools, one can either use well established benchmark suites, create one’s own micro-benchmark, or mine open-source repositories for real-life projects. In the first case, benchmark suites are often created by hand for one single purpose and remain unchanged for years, making them ill-adapted to the tool under test, and non-representative of real-life software.

In the second case, tool authors also crafting the benchmark is often considered a threat to the validity of the evaluation.

The ABM methodology has been designed to semi-automatically build and maintain benchmark collections that correspond to a user specification. It mines GitHub for up-to-date projects, runs user-specified filters, and rules out those projecs that do not fit, nor are not buildable. The final collection is the source code and executables of buildable, current, and user-specific GitHub projects.